Roll Up Drum Type Shop Doors

We can offer you the right product at the right price for the following applications:

  • Commercial steel rolling drum type doors
  • Roll up sheet doors
  • Rolling steel slatted doors
  • Light, medium and commercial use
  • Available in painted, galvanized, and stainless finishes

Sizes from: 

4' wide X 7' high 

up to 

24’ wide X 24’ high. 

Also medium to heavy duty commercial slat rolling steel doors, slat doors, and roll up shop doors.

If you would like to build your own custom door or receive more information, give us a call.

All American Overhead Doors

 The closer you look, the more you will appreciate the quality and durability offered by All American Door. 

We offer one of the most complete and comprehensive portfolios of roll up doors in the industry. When it comes to quality products, easy installation, ease of operation and long-term durability...All American Door offers more!

Whether you need a roll up door that is 4’ wide by 7' high or a 24' wide by 24' high... we can supply that door. We offer economical, durable and the smoothest operating doors in the industry.

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  All American Door is a major distributor of rolling door products throughout the Southeast. All American is located in Gadsden, Alabama and was established in 1996. We have become a market leader through a tradition of quality and durability that has been the standard for all of our products. By offering a wide range of rolling door products at competitive prices, we provide effective solutions for our customers in today's marketplace.

Installation Available



All American Door sells roll up drum doors for use in a variety of different settings, including:

Workshops, pole barns, storage facilities, loading docks, auto shops and garages, storefronts, industrial buildings, and much more.

Our doors can accommodate a range of door operation methods, including manual push-up, chain assist, and motor-operated door lifts. We can also fit a range of door frame materials, including wood, steel and concrete, so whatever style of building, we’ll have a roll up door that meets your needs.

Built To Last



All American Door distributes Industrial Service Doors, Rolling Steel

Doors, Insulated Service Doors, Commercial Sheet Doors, and Self-Storage Sheet Doors. With our commitment to customer service and over twenty years of experience, All American Door continues to provide our customers with a quality door product at a competitive price.



They Save Space

As these doors roll up into a neat drum shape when they're retracted, they help save space as they take up very little space overhead and will not affect overhead lighting. 

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Easy To Maintain


Steel requires very little maintenance, as it is so hardwearing and durable. What's more, with products like Roll Up Drum Doors, there is the option of tensioning brackets which are gear driven, so simple and safe adjustments can also be made to them. Other than perhaps needing a quick wipe down every so often, maintenance is virtually zero.



  They Can Be Customized

They come in a number of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs, so you can find the perfect door for your home or business. If your brand color is red for example, the natural choice would be to go with a red door to help enhance the aesthetics of your property. 

How to Choose the Right Door / Measuring Tips

Know its intended use

 When choosing a steel curtain rollup door, make sure you know what you intend to use it for. For example, is security a key issue? If so, then a more durable, heavy-duty door will be ideal. Is the door for a small building or perhaps a large industrial sized warehouse. All of this is important, so make sure you know for certain.

Consider the environment

 If you live in a region where hurricanes, tornadoes, and other extreme weather events are likely, you will need doors which have been wind-certified. Make sure they are in accordance with IBC (International Building Codes) and make sure you let your insurance company know that they are in compliance. If you're by the coast, salt in the air should be considered, so look at what you can do in that regard.

Consider these steps before buying your roll up door:

  •  Measure your rough opening
  • Check Clearance
  • Choose Color
  • Order Correct Roll Up Door Size

Knowing How to Measure Roll Up Doors Minimizes Errors

Key Tips to Determine Measurements Needed For a New or Replacement Door

Taking roll up door measurements correctly before you order new or replacement units will ensure a proper fit. Knowing how to measure Roll Up doors can avoid major problems when attempting to install your new doors.

Start by measuring your finished frame width (the rough opening width) and the finished frame height (the rough opening height). Your new Roll Up doors will be larger than these sizes. but these Roll up door measurements will indicate the size of the door you will need to order. Once you familiarize yourself with the following steps on how to measure Roll Up doors, the process flows smoothly.

How to Measure for Roll Up Drum Doors:

  1. Measure the finished frame width of the opening at its widest point. This will be the distance between the right and left sides of the finished opening. Watch for general irregularities, such as jambs that are not square.

 2. Measure the finished frame height of the opening at the highest point. This will be the distance between the floor and the top of the finished opening. Again, watch for general irregularities. such as a floor that is not level.

3. Measure the width of the areas beside the openings. You will need between 4" and 10" on each side for installation of the vertical track, depending on door size.

 4. Finally, measure the area between the top of the door opening and the ceiling (or to the lowest obstruction at the ceiling). Between 15" and 23" is required above the header height for installation.

You'll need to watch for other items that could affect the proper alignment or use of your new Roll up Doors. For example. verify that there is an electrical outlet for the garage door opener, you'll also need to determine if there are any lights or stairs that might be in the way or if any pipes or ductwork above the door might obstruct operation. For a replacement door, all jambs must be in good condition, and the header should be stable. You also need to verify the level of the floor, and you should know if the previous door was a custom-fit door.

All American Door can help you determine required Roll Up Door measurements.

While the design and structure of your new or replacement Roll Up Door should be superior: your choice of provider is also essential. By selecting All American Door, you will make sure you have access to experts to guide you through measurement, Roll Up Door selection, and installation.

All American Door offers a wide range of quality doors and has experienced customer service experts available to answer any questions you may have. To get more information on how to measure Roll up Doors give us a call. 

We recommend all doors be installed by professionals

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· If you find a lower price from another retail store, we will match the price and refund 10% of the difference

· To take advantage of our Low-Price Guarantee, just compare our total price—item price + tax (if applicable) + shipping & handling—to the total price of other retail stores.

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