Metal Roofing

Long-lasting protection.


 Driving rain, blowing snow, and harsh sun are no match for the ultimate protection of a metal roof. A quality metal roof on your home is practically impervious to the forces of nature. Traditional asphalt shingles are temporary and have to be replaced every 10-20 years. A metal roof is permanent and lasts two to three times longer than shingles. It will look great for all your life’s stages from newlywed to empty nester.

Increase the resale value of your home


As with any sound investment, the initial cost of buying a metal roof may be higher than using asphalt shingles. However, a superior metal roof can increase the resale value of your home up to 6% versus homes with asphalt shingles according to Remodeling Magazine. Some states offer a homeowners discount of up to 35% just for installing a metal roof. Be sure to check with your insurance agent to see if a metal roof can save you money. Metal roofing can lower your electric bills, saving you up to 25% in energy costs. The paint on metal roofs, both light and dark colors, has a special pigmentation that reflects the heat from the sun and keeps it from absorbing into your attic space and house. Some metal roofing profiles can be installed directly over shingles, saving you money when replacing your roof. Be sure to check local codes to see how many layers of roofing your structure can hold.

A Permanent Solution


 Before you replace your roof with another round of traditional asphalt shingles, consider switching to metal. Metal roofing is quickly becoming popular in neighborhoods across America. Not only do metal roofs look great, but they protect your home better than shingles, and are a permanent roofing solution. Plus, they are energy efficient, and may qualify for homeowners discounts, which means more money in your pocket.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

 Protect your home with beautiful, long-lasting metal roofing.
Consider the benefits of a metal roof on your home.
Metal roofs give long-lasting protection, are attractive, and can save you money.

  • Increased resale value
  • Insurance discount
  • Lower electric bills
  • Installs over shingles

Misconceptions About Metal Roofing

 Isn’t it loud? 

This is the single biggest misconception about metal roofing. Most people picture an old porch with a rocking chair and a loud rainstorm. In reality, a metal roof is installed with solid sheathing and underlayment, causing it to insulate noise much better than other roofing materials. 

Does lightning strike it often? 

Having a metal roof does not increase the likelihood of a lightning strike on your house. If your house does get struck by lightning, a metal roof would do a better job spreading out the energy to protect your home. 

Isn’t all metal roofing the same?

 Most people think that “metal is metal”. But, there is a wide variety of paint type and thickness, rust-blocking coatings, and steel hardness and thickness that protect your home from fading, rusting and denting. Never consider a roof based solely on price. Weigh all factors of quality, durability, as well as price to find the best value. 

Don’t spend a lifetime regretting the difference of a few hundred dollars. Call All American Metal Roofing to find out more

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